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Public Awareness Project
Don't Be Their Next Victim!

Welcome to Jerkz.com Public awareness project. Here you will discover only truths and facts about Internet scams, hoaxes, con-games, computer viruses, hackers, spammers and other Jerkz that may threaten your security or Internet experience.

Remember, JeRkZ is always be evolving, growing and changing; We are permanently under construction!  We hope you will learn something new today!

Our Mission

To the best of our ability, to help make the public aware of scams, fraud, con-games, unlawful schemes, criminals, hoaxes, hackers and other JeRkZ world-wide by using the power of the Internet, word of mouth, networking, forums, media, search engines and public education.

Public Awareness Project

Victims of DSH Housing Group, AKA Quality Wholesale Homes, AKA Factory Wholesale Homes, AKA  Goldbilt Homes, AKA Goldbuilt Homes, AKA Peritius Financial, AKA, Forever Homes...

Click Here to learn the steps you can take to get your money back if you were victimized by the DSH Home Deposit Collection Scam.

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Download and view our BBB Arbitration hearing documents:

Testimony - Christine Wallace & Clyde Gephart

Testimony - DSH Housing Group aka Quality Wholesale Homes

Rebuttle - Christine Wallace & Clyde Gephart

Rebuttle DSH Housing Group aka Quality Wholesale Homes

Arbitration final decision

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